Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Education World

So we are into week two of now being a family of three!  It is an amazing feeling that I can't even begin to describe!! The 20 hour labor is far from my mind and I am enjoying seeing all of his changes that occur!  I feel so fortunate to be home to experience all of what motherhood has to offer.  One thing, I wish I could change:  he sleeps soooo much during the day and is up about every hour at night!  I can't seem to sleep when he sleeps during the day - there is too much to do :)

So, this week at Education World join me for a discussion on how you create a math-rich environment in your classroom.

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Click here to share ideas on how you build a math-rich learning environment.

Click here for a FREE resource - An assessment on counting and cardinality.

If you happen to download the resource, please leave feedback.  I would love to know how it is working for you.

Until next week....

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